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Over the holiday weekend, I took a drive to visit Indiana’s most popular natural attraction-The Marengo Cave. Located in Marengo, Indiana, the cave is one of only four show caves in Indiana. The cave was discovered in 1883 by two school children. The cave was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1984.

woman standing in merango cave

photo credit: Casey Daniels

Marengo cave is open all year long and offers two different walking tours. The Dripstone Trail tour covers 1 mile of the cave and takes approximately 60–70 minutes to complete. This is the tour I took part.

The Crystal Palace tour takes 35–40 minutes to complete and covers one third mile of the cave. Both tours see different sections of the cave and are not similar. The cave remains at a cool 52 degrees.

woman sanbding in Marengo cave, Indiana

photo credit: Casey Daniels

It was on the way home from the Marengo Cave tour that I made a truly delicious discovery! As I was heading north back home to Indy, I saw the birthplace of Indiana’s State Flag in Mooresville, Indiana.

The flag entry created by Paul Hadley of Mooresville, Indiana, was ultimately chosen as the winner of a contest and the cash prize. On May 31, 1917, the flag was chosen as the state’s official banner. The General Assembly made only one change to Hadley’s original design: they added the word Indiana, in a crescent shape, over the top of the torch.

There Is More Than The State Flag in Mooresville

On the drive back from Marengo cave, as I was stopped at an intersection, I noticed a building with many cars in the parking lot. The building…Gray Brothers Cafeteria. I quickly pulled up the menu to see if I should turn around. I found out that I most definitely needed to stop. For PIE!

a row of Pie at Gray Brothers Cafeteria

photo credit: Casey Daniel

The Gray Brothers Cafeteria is well-known for their wide selection of pies and desserts. And the main food service line will accommodate indoor and takeout orders for the foreseeable future.

Gray Brothers Cafeteria food line in Mooresville, Indiana

photo credit: Casey Daniels

The family run cafeteria serves some of the best home cooking around. They offer up to 11 different entrees and 10 vegetable options and a variety of homemade pies.

slice of homemade cherry pie

photo credit: Casey Daniels

Beginning Tuesday, September 6, Gray Brothers Cafeteria will offer a new way to order to-go service. If you log onto their website , click on the online ordering tab, schedule what and when you’d like to pick up. Your food will be completely curb-side.

assortment of pie slices

photo credit: Casey Daniels

I ordered $40 worth of pie…banana cream, butterscotch, cherry, pumpkin, strawberry, pecan and coconut cream! Did I over-commit? Nope, they were gone before the weekend was over. I’ve been told that I’m late to Gray Brothers Cafeteria party, but I eventually discovered it! If you’ve never been, it’s worth the time.

Who do you think serves the best pie in Indiana?