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STATEWIDE — With many younger workers now heading back to school for the fall, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is in need of workers to maintain Indiana’s several state parks and recreation areas.

“A lot of our college kids are going back to school, so we are recruiting people,” said. Ginger Murphy, DNR director of Stewardship on Network Indiana’s Indiana Outdoors. “This is a great time to put in an application. That is for any age.”

Murphy said they are short-staffed just like every other fast food joint you may be going to these days that only has the drive-thru open.

“We’ve got property managers who are on mowers, who might not do that on a regular basis, or sometimes cleaning restrooms because it’s critical to get those things done,” Murphy said.

Murphy says they are taking applications from any age group willing to work, including retirees looking for something to do part-time. You can apply at the state’s website.