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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — For months, a multi-agency undercover operation was gathering information on a large-scale narcotics bust. Monday was the day police made the arrests.

Johnson and Marion County Sheriff’s departments, Franklin, Greenwood, and Edinburgh Police departments, and the United States Marshals Service all joined in on the effort to arrest 32 out of the 50 suspects they found.

Officers slowly gathered info on narcotics deals made by these 32 people, keeping track of who brought guns – sometimes automatic rifles – and once who even brought an infant to their drug deal. Police note that some of those arrested were in relationships such as: Mother/Son, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Girlfriend/Girlfriend, and Husband/Wife.

With the warrants now out to the public, Police are urging the suspects they were not able to catch to surrender to law enforcement.

Those arrested are:

Autumn Felumero, Carl Scott, Starla Adams, Seth Bay, Hayden Ratliff, Elisha Quarles, Robert Stone, Andy Boner, Jonathan Gibson, Jason Boone, Cassandra Landis, Rachel Warner, Kyle Sherman, Brandon Staley, Jesse Turner, Jennifer Turner, Charles Williams, David Luster Jr, Kristoni Tucker, Aaron Burkar, Melanie Dow, Ruby Butler, Michael Pisano, David Farmer, Natoshia Alldredge, Gladys Livesay, Jakob Boudreau, Cynthia Hood, Damien Tyler, Kailey Borszem, Micaih Murray, Dustin Whetstine