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INDIANAPOLIS--Damion Elliott has led a life that has taken him to jail and prison several times, for drug and gun offenses. With his latest conviction, he will go to federal prison for nearly five years. Elliot was caught dealing heroin while he was on parole.

Elliott, 28, of Indianapolis, was on parole from prison time for being a serious violent felon in possession of a gun. In January 2020, his parole officer went to an address that Elliott said was his for a home visit. Parole officers make sure you’re staying on the straight and narrow with these visits.

But. Mr. Elliott had apparently veered from the path.

The address was clearly not his. He had no key to get inside. So, the parole officers searched his phone and got his real address.

Once they got there, they found heroin (47 grams); the scales; a loaded 9 mm, and several other guns; and something to cut the heroin with.

Since he had been clearly found out, Elliott decided to plead guilty to the heroin dealing charge and got his sentence this week. He has a history of offenses going back a decade.