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INDIANAPOLIS Michael Pittman has never been afraid to share his goals, but the one he has for this year is less tangible than last year.

Going into the 2021 season, Pittman wanted to double the numbers he put up as a rookie.

Pittman did just that with his catches (40 to 88), receiving yards (503 to 1,082) and touchdowns (1 to 6).

So, as Pittman looks ahead to his third season in the NFL, his goal is more of a description in how he is viewed.

“I’m just trying to take that next step,” Pittman begins. “Last year I said I was going to double everything single category and I did that.

“This year, I want to build on that and become that definite receiver No. 1. Everybody has their own definition. I think I am that, I just need to prove that to other people.”

Pittman finished last year 18th in the NFL in receiving yards and 18th in catches.

The Colts desperately need him to ascend to that definite No. 1 status.

Of course, if Pittman accomplishes that, the Colts will be sending quite a big pay day to No. 11, likely next offseason.

Pittman is a huge fan of the arrival of Matt Ryan.

The third-year wideout gushes over the ball placement of Ryan, believing that will help the 223-pound Pittman to be a freight train in the open field.

In preparing for the 2022 season, Pittman wants to nail down being better on the top of his routes.

“Working on route discipline,” the former 2nd round pick says of his main area for improvement. “Sometimes you just go out there and start playing football. Yes, I can make plays like that but you want to stay on QB timing because it helps everybody else flow so I’m really working on that.”

Taking a step forward as a team leader is also something on the Pittman to-do list.

If Pittman can again follow-up on his goals, the eye-popping wide receiver money that is being thrown around in the NFL will come his way.