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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Zoo is celebrating conservation around the state and world.

In the last 12 months, the zoo has welcomed a couple of new creatures, including a critically endangered Addra Gazelle.  A representative of the Indianapolis Zoo talked to WIBC about different ways to join in the zoo fun this summer:

However, the Indy Zoo is not the only zoo that has celebrated rare births in the last year.  In March, a blue-eyed black lemur was born at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, and a very rare Sumatran Rhino was born at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, according to  Other rare breeds born in 2022 include an addax, Amur tigers, and an eastern black rhino.

The zoo also encourages conservation by awarding the Indianapolis Prize.  This award makes Indiana unique:

The Indianapolis Prize is a 250,000 dollar grant that is given to a top conservationist every other year.  Five other individuals receive 50,000 dollars as part of the celebration.

Head to and look for “Field Support” to find out more about the zoo’s conservation initiatives.

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