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President Joe Biden a press conference yesterday on inflation, and it was everything you’d expect and more! He lied, took no responsibility, and offered zero plan to address what he called his “top priority.”

Biden Question: “How Long Will Inflation Last?”

Biden Answer: “Heck If I Know.”

Biden Question: “What Can You Tell Americans Who Are Struggling?”

Biden Answer: “Look, I Know You Gotta Be Frustrated. I KNOW! I Can Taste It.”

Biden Question: “What’s The Plan To Bring Down Inflation?”

Biden Answer: “Plan? Uh…”

Biden Question: “Are You Willing To Take Some Responsibility For Inflation Under Your Administration?”

Biden Answer: “Nah…”

Biden Question: “Are You SURE Your Administration Hasn’t Contributed To The Problem, Joey?”

Biden Answer: “The Number One Threat Is The Strength, And That Strength That We Built Is Inflation.”

With Joe Biden as President, it’s easy to see why most of the nation is on anti-depression medication.

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