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An organization called the Liberty Defense PAC has been making lots of noise recently and not all of it seems to be coming from factual evidence. Recently, the PAC had Representative Jake Teshka from District 7 in their crosshairs claiming that he intended on trying to tear down constitutional carry.

Well, considering there’s nothing anyone can do between now and July 1 to change the bill on constitutional carry that will go into effect two months from May 1, something isn’t adding up.

On Saturday, Guy Relford was joined on the Gun Guy Show by Representative Teshka to discuss the claims as well as a host of different topics including constitutional carry, who is behind the Liberty Defense PAC and primary election season.

You can find the full conversation with Rep. Teshka below and be sure to catch the Gun Guy Show on 93.1 WIBC on Saturday’s from 5-7 pm.