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As a Second Amendment attorney and licensed firearm instructor, Guy Relford gets a lot of complex legal questions. But he gets a very simple one a lot, “hey Guy, what gun should I buy?” After several months talking about constitutional carry and what’s going on at the Indiana Statehouse, Guy switched gears on Saturday afternoon […]

An organization called the Liberty Defense PAC has been making lots of noise recently and not all of it seems to be coming from factual evidence. Recently, the PAC had Representative Jake Teshka from District 7 in their crosshairs claiming that he intended on trying to tear down constitutional carry. Well, considering there’s nothing anyone […]

Quintez Brown was arrested in Louisville for shooting at a white mayoral candidate in Louisville. His bond of $100K was paid for by Black Lives Matter. Listen to the conversation about the situation from Hammer and Nigel on Thursday’s show below.

Yet another crime was committed by someone who was let out of jail, but don’t worry, he had a GPS monitor on him. Despite 29 felonies, 40-year-old Carl Young Jr. was let back out onto the streets and he critically injured a woman when he stole a car. Listen to Wednesday’s edition of Hammer and […]

Indiana weather is a fickle creature. Marcus Bailey attempts to guide us through three seasons in 48 hours across the Hoosier state.