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GEORGETOWN, Ind. — After three trials, the last one ending in a not guilty verdict, former State Trooper David Camm gets $4.6 million to settle his federal lawsuit against the state.

Camm was convicted twice of the murders of his wife and their two children. The bodies were found in the garage of their home in Georgetown, Indiana.

Both convictions were overturned with Camm and his lawyers claiming evidence and witness tampering, as well as accusing police of bungling the investigation.

Eventually, another man, Charles Boney, a felony offender from nearby New Albany, was convicted of the killings. Boney was sentenced to 225 years in prison.

Camm’s attorney’s issued this statement following the settlement:

“There is not enough money in the world to compensate David Camm for what he has been through.”

“However, when you get right up to trial and the opposition is offering millions of dollars to settle any case, you have to listen.”

“There is never any disappointment in resolving a case, especially a multi-million-dollar case.” 

“A lot of people outside the legal field do not understand that under the rules of civil procedure we have come up with an amount that acts as a cap of what we can ask the jury for if we actually went to trial.  That is what the $30 million was, a cap and nothing else.”

“There is no more civil litigation filed on behalf of David Camm against any Defendant that arose from his October 1, 2000 arrest, prosecution and/or 13 year confinement.”