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INDIANAPOLIS — Monument Circle was a busy spot this past Saturday night, as it usually is every weekend. Hundreds of people gathered on the Circle, many of those were teenagers attending prom. But it wasn’t all fun and games.

You may have heard about a fight on Monument Circle that may have appeared to involve as many as 100 people.

WIBC News reached out to IMPD for clarification on what happened. IMPD says there were a few fights involving some teenagers, but “not nearly 100.” IMPD says 3 females were arrested, but no injuries were reported.

IMPD did not give an exact number on how many patrol units actually responded, but the department says a call from one responding officer around 9:40 p.m. said “slow cars down, one detained” – meaning things were under control and immediate back-up was unnecessary.

Several photographs taken by WIBC host Rob Kendall shortly after the incident, show police cars around at least one side of the circle.

The following video was taken by Rob Kendall just after the incident, and shows police cars lined up on the circle (WARNING: Some language)