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(WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.) – Purdue says it’s already talking to Ukrainian college professors about its offer of wartime research fellowships.

Purdue announced last week it’ll make room for up to 20 instructors or doctoral students to spend a year continuing research projects in West Lafayette. Dean of international programs Mike Brzezinski says Purdue faculty members have been reaching out to colleagues they’ve worked with before.

Brzezinski says slots will be filled as applicants get visas approved. That typically takes two or three months. He says most of the visiting scholars will probably be women — Ukraine has told men under 60 to stay put to help fight the Russian invasion.

Brzezinski says the visiting scholar program is a small way the university can extend a lifeline to Ukraine, and ensure researchers can continue their work safely without interruption. But he says Purdue will benefit as well, from the visiting scholars’ work and from the firsthand perspective they bring on the war.

Brzezinski says the heaviest concentration of scholars is likely to be in engineering, chemistry and computer science.