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Things got heated during the Day 3 confirmation hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Senator Ted Cruz and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin exchanged fiery words when Durbin wouldn’t allow Cruz to finish his questioning.

Like many Republican Senators, Cruz wanted answers to past sentencings Judge Jackson made towards specifically child sex offenders. As he was nearing his time limit, Cruz called on Jackson to answer his question. Durbin interjected by banging his gavel to indicate his time was up. Senator Cruz pushed for Jackson to at least answer the questions he proposed.

“You have taken over a minute of my time.”

Durbin quickly responded with “You have been given extra time, you usually ask for it.”

Cruz accused Durbin of stealing his time, “I know you want to interrupt…”

Durbin attempted to end the conversation with “I just want you to play by the rules.”

As they were talking over one another, Cruz shot back “if you want to testify, you’re welcome too.” Cruz then attempts to continue his questioning about a specific case Judge Jackson appeared lenient on.

Durbin declared “you’re not recognized Senator.” Cruz asked multiple times why Durbin didn’t want Jackson to answer the question. Durbin replied with, “you wouldn’t allow her to anyway.”

Cruz continues to ask Durbin for Jackson to answer his question.

“Why do you not want the American people to know what happened in the Stewart case? Or any of these cases? Chairman Durbin, I’ve never seen the chairman refuse to allow a witness to answer a question.”

After banging the gavel yet again, Durbin moves on to the next Senator to which Senator Cruz fired, “you can bang it as loud as you.”

Durbin ended the conversation with “I can just tell you at some point you have to follow the rules.”

Watch the verbal blowout between the two Senators here: