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Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued an Executive Order Monday that effectively invites hackers to exploit the state’s cyber vulnerabilities.

Holcomb’s latest Executive Order is intended to show a commitment for the citizens of Ukraine and condemnation of the Russian government.

A lot of people around the world have been wondering where Indiana stands on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Thanks to the decisive action of Governor Holcomb, we are finally able to put those questions to rest (sarcasm alert).

Here’s what Governor Holcomb’s Order says:

  • The Indiana Department of Administration will review all state contracts that involve Russian-owned or Russian-affiliated companies.
  • The Indiana Public Retirement System will evaluate investments into the state retirement accounts that may involve the Russian ruble, Russian-owned and Russian-affiliated companies and immediately report its findings to the governor’s office.
  • The Commission for Higher Education will request that public colleges and universities report all Russian funding received for programs, research and grants and report its findings to the governor’s office.
  • The Governor encourages Hoosier businesses and companies in Indiana to evaluate their future business relationship with Russia.
  • The state of Indiana will standby to assist Ukrainian refugees should a federal policy, program, or initiative be implemented requiring access to appropriate locations across the country.
  • And finally, the Indiana Office of Technology will continue to strengthen our critical state infrastructure to protect the system from Russian cyber-attacks.

That last bit probably would have been best handled in secrecy. Announcing to the world you have cyber vulnerabilities rarely leads to good things. It’s like posting a message on Facebook that reads: “Hey all! Could you keep an eye out for any suspicious activity at our house? We don’t have an alarm, our door locks are broken, and we’re going to be out of town for the next three weeks. Thanks much!”

Fun Fact: Gov. Holcomb REALLY likes issuing Executive Orders. Why?

Please note: The above image is NOT the actual person of Eric Holcomb. It’s an image from “Howard The Duck” – a movie with a plot that is slightly more believable than Governor Eric Holcomb’s persistent claims that he is a Republican.

WIBC’s Rob Kendall and Ethan Hatcher have more in the clip below.