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Seattle’s wokeness has reached a new level as they repeal a decades-long bicycle helmet law for being racist.

The King County Board of Health in Seattle voted out a law that has been in place since 1993 allowing police to fine cyclists for riding without a helmet. According to the press release, the board stated black cyclists were four times likely to be fined and half of the overall citations through the last several years has gone to homeless riders.

“We have to have a broad view of public health: Yes, we have to think about brain injury, and we also have to think about the impact on our criminal legal system.”

Tony Katz discusses just how irrational this move is.

“Helmet laws are about safety… but they had to get rid of them because not enough people who are black have helmets? If you think that’s smart logic, you understand how unbelievably pathetic the whole equity argument is and how ignorant the people who engage in the equity argument are… I don’t want an equitably society. I want a society that has equality in terms of how we engage laws.”

The repeal is part of the Board of Health’s 2020 “Racism is a Public Health Crisis” resolution.