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FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A couple in Fort Wayne was arrested for involving kids in sex and drug use.

Donald “Dusty” Cornett, 43, and Jennifer Knowles, 36, are in the Allen County Jail. Cornett is said to have admitted in a letter to investigators to being a serial child molester, abusing as many as eight kids.

Investigators say three children were with him and Knowles most recently and were used during sex and were also involved in the couple’s use of meth. They also admitted to using sex toys on the kids.

Court documents say that the couple kept the drugs they used safely from the kids, but that at one point Knowles tried to give one of the boys with them meth in order to get him diagnosed with autism so she could get money from the state.

Cornett is facing several child molesting charges and Knowles is charged with performing sex acts in the presence of a minor and neglect. Cornett could face decades in prison.