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INDIANAPOLIS — Indy Metro Police arrested a 19-year-old for a December double murder on the city’s north side.

Camran Perry is charged for the Dec. 1 deaths of  20-year-old Blake Coffman and 21-year-old Andrew Jones. Perry faces two counts of murder and one count of carrying a handgun without a license.

The shooting happened at around 6:45 p.m. on Westfield Way near East 91st Street and Westfield Boulevard.

According to court papers, a witness heard “three loud thumps” and went outside to investigate. She said she saw Jones fall to the ground outside a parked car, bleeding from his side. Her boyfriend followed her outside and found Coffman in the passenger seat.

Police arrived and found that both men had been shot. They were taken to hospitals but did not survive.

After the shooting, police searched the victims’ phones and found Instagram conversations between Coffman and an account they believe belonged to Perry.

When questioned by police, Perry said he exchanged messages with Coffman, who agreed to sell him some marijuana on the evening of Dec. 1.

Perry told police he got in the back seat of the car to buy the drugs. He said Jones had a silver revolver in his lap and, after they handed him the pot, an argument began.

According to court papers, Perry said Jones tightened his grip on the gun and told him, “You f*cked up now. You know we got you where we want you.”

Camran told police he grabbed the gun out of Jones’ hand, shot Coffman in the head, and then shot Jones.

Court papers say Perry dropped the gun, got out of the car, and ran into the woods.

A warrant for Perry was issued on Jan. 4. He was arrested Monday and taken to the Marion County Jail.