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STATEHOUSE — Have you ever received a ticket for not using your turn signal? One Indiana lawmaker wants to fix that.

According to the General Assembly’s website, a bill by Republican Aaron Freeman would make it no longer a requirement for Hoosiers to use turn signals 200 feet before changing lanes or turning, nor would they have to use turn signals 300 feet before changing lanes in a 50-mph zone.

Freeman told WISH-TV that the point of his bill is to address confusion in laws dealing with turn signals, and his goal is to get rid of the law that requires a specific distance on when you have to signal.

In a social media video a few years ago, Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine addressed the importance of using turn signals, sarcastically pointing out that all vehicles have a “standard feature” that “prevents crashes and will help with road rage.

“If you look at your steering wheel, to the left side, there is this stick that comes out. It’s pretty incredible. It’s called a turn signal,” Perrine said.

The General Assembly will discuss Freeman’s bill when they reconvene in January.