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DeLEON SPRINGS, Fla. — A missing couple from Johnson County was found in Florida with a stolen moving van and an unidentified baby boy.

Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 28-year-old Lincoln Germana and 26-year-old Amanda Germana on Thursday after police in Johnson County told deputies that a cell phone owned by the couple had been pinged in the area, according to FOX 13 in Tampa Bay.

Police say the two were seen in a stolen Penske moving van that had a license plate stolen from another van.

Deputies staked out the moving van until the couple showed up with a stroller, reports FOX 13 in Tampa Bay.

When the Germanas returned to the van, they were detained.

Deputies searched the van and found the baby boy in a car seat that was secured with a bungee cord. The car seat was surrounded by dirty diapers.

According to a police report, Amanda Germana told deputies the baby was not hers.

Family members told police that Amanda Germana had a miscarriage and had not given birth since then, making it unclear to whom the baby belonged, reports FOX 13.

Police said that since the arrest, the couple has claimed the baby is theirs, saying it was born at home in Indiana so there were no records. The couple also gave police two different names for the child.

Sheriff’s deputies tell FOX 13 they will use DNA to determine the child’s parentage. The baby boy is being cared for by the Department of Children and Families.

Lincoln and Amanda Germana are both charged with child neglect. FOX 13 reports Lincoln Germana is also charged with grand theft.