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While CNN has a reputation of pushing left-thought narrative, we have to give kudos to this unbelievable reporting regarding Chinese censorship.

Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai accused a Peoples Republic of China senior official of sexual assault a few weeks ago. Since then the Chinese government has essentially scrubbed Shuai from the internet, deleted her accusations on social media, and many speculate keeping her hidden from the public eye.

There has been an outpour of growing concerns across the world for Shuai’s safety including the Women’s Tennis Association, the United Nations, and the International Olympic Committee.

A video call took place between Peng and IOC officials, but was closely monitored by the Chinese sport officials. Even after the call and an email where Peng claimed she was fine and resting, the concerns have not lightened for the tennis star.


As CNN continues to bring coverage on the whereabouts and safety of Shuai, they have informed their audience that the country has started to censor their feed. During one report, CNN’s John Berman talked with CNN International Correspondent Will Ripley where they displayed a live feed to show its US audience what viewers in China are currently seeing. The screen has a message in English and Mandarin on a background of color bars, reading: “No signal, please stand by.”

Ripley told Berman Monday;

“They have an army of censors waiting to push that button the minute we start talking about this story, but it is not making this story go away, the pressure is still mounting on Beijing from the outside because of the efforts of journalists around the world, and also diplomats, wanting Peng Shuai to speak her truth.”