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The national media have been reporting the story of an armed man detained at the Justice for J6 rally Saturday. What the media have failed to include is the man detained was an undercover cop.

Only a handful of J6 supporters showed up to the weekend’s rally at the Capital to show support for those arrested on 1/6. There were, however, thousands of members of the media as well as police officers.

Reporter Ford Fischer of News2Share captured video of a group of officers in riot gear confronting a ‘protestor’ for being armed at the event. It’s quickly discovered that the man being detained was IDed as an undercover cop.

This of course is not how the national media are reporting the story. In fact they ran with the ‘armed man being detained,’ they just didn’t include that he was a cop himself. Tony Katz says this shouldn’t be a surprise as it only pushes their own agenda even further.

“So the person who got arrested for carrying a weapon was an undercover cop, placed there to keep an eye on the crowd. That’s not what media is going to push. They will just tell you that people showed up with weapons and that’ll be it. That’s how they move the message and move the mantra- they’re not journalists. They shouldn’t be trusted…they’re bad people.”

And that friends is today’s ‘take headlines with a big ole’ grain of salt’ lesson.