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SHELBY COUNTY, Ind.–A train derailed Thursday morning in Shelby County.

Investigators say it happened around 8:10 on Railroad Street between State Road 9 and State Road 52 in Fountaintown. A Shelby County Sheriff’s deputy was told about the derailment. Once police got to the scene, they asked other agencies to help. One of the agencies that helped out was the Indianapolis Fire Department.

80 rail cars were part of the entire rail complement. 13 of those 80 cars were part of the actual derailment.

“They ended up having no hazardous materials and no significant leaks other than used cooking oil and some plastic pellets leaking from two of the rail cars,” said Rita Reith, battalion chief with the Indianapolis Fire Department.

They evacuated five houses in each direction as a precaution. CSX Transportation is investigating.

“Right now, they have zero idea what may have caused it,” said Reith. “An entire 100-foot section of railroad ties was pulled up out of the ground due to the velocity of the crash.”

No one was hurt. The tentative plan is to have the track repaired and back in use within 24 to 48 hours.

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