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Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett unveiled his latest strategy Thursday to get the city’s violent crime rate under control: just blatantly lie about it and hope things work out for the best.

Indianapolis’ murder rate has surpassed that of Chicago, multiple children have been hit with stray bullets this year, a couple of mass shootings have occurred, and a brawl broke out downtown during the NCAA Tournament.

But Mayor Hogsett wants this coming weekend’s homicide victims to know one thing: Indianapolis is ‘an extraordinarily safe city.’

Yes. He said that. He said that out loud. He said it on purpose.

Also, those rumors about Mayor Hogsett’s alleged drinking problem? Totally not true at all.

Hammer and Nigel have the full audio of the mayor’s comments in the clip below. And as an added bonus, this clip also features Hammer ripping Hogsett a new hole for expelling waste.