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So let’s offer this helpful disclaimer upfront for the benefit of readers (and the WIBC legal department):

  1. No one from Hamilton Southeastern Schools will officially go on the record to CONFIRM that this “Calendar of Observances” is legit.
  2. No one from Hamilton Southeastern Schools will officially go on the record to DENY that this “Calendar of Observances” is legit.

Both of the aforementioned facts are puzzling.

#1. If the calendar is legit, then there is nothing to hide, correct? Speak up and own it!

Sure, the calendar lists every obscure holiday and “observance” in existence with the exception of the ones that people actually celebrate, but no biggie. Everyone knows Christmas (conspicuously absent from the calendar) exists. Christians won that one. You can call all those bulbs, trees, and lights in the month of December “holiday decorations,” but we know it’s about Christmas. Jesus is the reason you get a two-week break from classes once a year and people trampling each other to death for 4K TVs the day after Thanksgiving.

#2. The refusal to deny the legitimacy of this document is a little more of a headscratcher. If an egregious error has been made and it’s causing a bit of a kerfuffle, why not get out in front of the thing post-haste and DENY, DENY, DENY!

Why not say something like…

‘International Transgender Day of Visibility’ on January 31st is a great opportunity to practice inclusiveness and acceptance of the transgender community as “just like us” by specifically singling them out as “different” on a designated date each year, but this calendar of observances didn’t come from us.”


“‘School Board Appreciation Month’ is a chance to celebrate the fine people who are bravely leading the cause to indoctrinate your children with liberal ideologies like CRT and SEL!  We encourage you to send a Hallmark digital greeting from ‘Hoops’ and ‘Yoyo’ to show your support, but this calendar of observances is a hoax.”

Or maybe…

“Hey, Mock & Rob! ‘National Day of Silence’ on April 8 is the one day out of the year that we don’t have to hear those blasted gas-powered leaf blowers. It’s worth making it a Federal holiday by virtue of that alone, but this calendar of observances didn’t come from HSE.”

The thing is, there are actually some very important observances on this calendar that are legitimately worth highlighting, but seriously…

  • “National School Lunch Hero Day?”
  • “School Bus Transportation Appreciation Day? “
  • “Loving Day?” What exactly does that entail?

Download the 2021-2022-Monthly Observances Calendar.

Or just listen to Mock n’ Rob break this whole thing down in today’s edition of Speedround.