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President Biden has revealed his crime prevention strategy plan and it’s all about gun control.

The Biden administration met Wednesday to discuss the historic rise in crime across the country. During his press conference the president focused on the Second Amendment which he says they aren’t changing, but rather ‘enforcing.’

One argument Biden had for better gun control was the issue of citizens crossing state lines to purchase firearms.

“Mayors have the power to help shape and enforce the laws in their cities, but they can’t control the laws in neighboring cities and states. Even though the gun was legally bought there, it often ends up in their streets.”

Tony Katz says he’s tired of hearing leaders like Biden and mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot blame others for legally selling firearms. The real focus should be on the cultural issues that are ultimately the root of the crime surge.

“This is an attack on Indiana… Indiana’s gun laws are not the reason people are shooting each other in the streets of Chicago. That’s a cultural issue, that you Mayor Lightfoot  are such a coward on you won’t address them. Don’t worry, Mayor Joe Hogsett is the same way.”

Listen to Tony’s full take on Biden’s crime prevention strategy here: