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Well, well, well…

‘Twas just a mere year ago when ‘Orange Man Bad’ told Americans that he had seen evidence to suggest that COVID-19 was created and released from a lab in Wuhan China. Do you remember that? You remember that don’t you Democrats, media elites, and persons of the ‘woke’ persuasion?

Oh, the outrage from the left as they jumped to the defense of a Communist nation that is guilty of horrific human rights violations. How could a government that abuses its own people and is also losing a trade war with the United States possibly do something as hideous as that?

CNBC wrote at the time that “President Donald Trump Suspects Coronavirus Outbreak Came From China Lab, Offers No Evidence.”

Yes, the idea that the Coronavirus was manufactured is an outrage! Sure, the virus was first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019, the site of China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, but that’s just a coincidence.


Things have changed, however. Biden’s in the big boy chair now (probably napping) and Fauci and the mainstream media are singing a different tune. In fact, Fauci recently revealed that he fully supports an investigation into that conveniently-placed Wuhan lab.

So, is the leftist media admitting they were wrong and Trump was right? Of course, because they care about integrity in journalism!

Yes, the media is conceding that they were incorrect in their initial reporting. And the excuse they’re offering for why they got it wrong: it’s Trump’s fault.

Mock n’ Rob walk you through the political left’s yearbook of hypocrisy and the latest tactic they’re using to cover their tails in the clip below.