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Former President George W. Bush tore into Republicans for their approach to immigration Tuesday by warning against demonizing immigrants but also against open borders policies.

Yes, and it’s that kind of ‘middle-of-the-road, not sure exactly where he stands on the critical issues affecting our nation’ leadership that we miss most about “Bush: The Sequel.”

“Mission Accomplished” made the comments in an interview with NBC’s “Today” as part of a promotional effort for his latest book, “Out of Many, One,” available this December in the bargain bin of your local Walmart and suitable for gifting to that beloved member of the family that you only see on Christmas and never call on their birthday.

Editor’s Note: The book highlights portraits of prominent immigrants who contributed to the United States, so it actually sounds like a pretty good read if you can ignore the author’s name on the cover and pretend someone else wrote it. And since the author is George W. Bush, that’s probably not too far from the truth.

The former president expressed sympathy for the plight of migrants coming from Central America and suggested “an asylum process that is more robust” with “more judges and more courts, so people can have a fair hearing,” as well as changes to the work visa system and more “manpower” for the agencies tasked with patrolling the border.

In other words, “spend more taxpayer money to accommodate the influx, hire additional border patrol agents to catch those toddlers getting lobbed over the wall like volleyballs, and appoint more judges for more hearings at which more undocumented immigrants will never appear.”

Bush also criticized the left for their failures on immigration and complained that “some of the Democrat colleagues weren’t listening when I was president.”

To be fair George, a LOT of people stopped listening to you after getting us into two pointless, unending wars that cost trillions of dollars and more importantly, thousands of American soldiers their lives.

Mock n’ Rob welcomed WIBC’s Jason Hammer into the studio Wednesday to weigh in on the former President’s comments and play a round of “Great Moments In Presidential Speeches.”