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Merriam-Webster Dictionary has been defining words since 1828 and has been ‘woke’ since 2021.

A few months ago the online dictionary source added a note to the definition of “color-blind.” After the second definition of the word, the ‘sense 2,’ they’ve included the following usage note:

“NOTE: While sense 2 can be used with positive connotations of freedom from racial prejudice, it often suggests a failure or refusal to acknowledge or address the many racial inequities that exist in society, or to acknowledge important aspects of racial identity.”

The quotes used as examples include:

What I learned was that white parents often refrain from speaking with their children about race, racism and racial inequality. If racial discussions do occur they are characterized by a colorblind rhetoric.

— Megan R. Underhill

Tony Katz says this is another push towards critical race theory in schools.

“This goes back to the entirety of how anti-racism wants to push things in schools and universities and the workplace.”