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INDIANAPOLIS — Discrimination against the firearms industry must stop, says Chris Lee.

Lee is the Director of Government Relations with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). He joined Guy Relford on WIBC’s The Gun Guy to talk about Senate Bill 49, and what it means for Hoosier business owners.

Senate Bill 49 would protect both the firearms industry and individuals from being discriminated against by financial businesses, just because a business or individual happens to have a relationship with firearms.

Lee says it’s a growing problem in Indiana.

“Seventy-five percent of the firearm industry that we surveyed at NSSF reported that they’ve experienced this — its happening all over the place and it’s not right,” Lee tells WIBC.

The bill would allow those in the firearms business to fight back by either suing, or taking the issue to the top of the law.

“If you experience this, then the bank is in the wrong,” Lee tells WIBC, “If they add a policy that discriminates against the firearms industry, you can bring a lawsuit directly against them or you can file a complaint with the attorney general and the attorney general can look into it.”

Lee says the latest version of the bill is asking for a heavy consequence for financial institutions that choose to discriminate against firearms businesses.

“Okay, if you’re going to discriminate against the firearms industry in Indiana, you can no longer work with the state,” Lee explains, “In the version that we proposed, the compromise, we’re just saying the state shouldn’t be granting contracts to financial institutions that do discriminate against the Second Amendment.”

The bill has not yet received a hearing.

You can listen to Guy Relford’s full interview with Chris Lee here.