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“Conservatives need to get on the same page about what transpired last week in our country,” WIBC host Tony Katz told listeners Monday morning. “The Trump rallies, the attack on the Capitol, and the political fallout – these are all issues that we need to discuss and agree upon.”

“And we should be clear that I condemn what happened at the Capitol in every single way,” Katz continued. “[But] none of those people speak for me. Yes, it’s okay to say you question the results of the election, but what happened at the Capitol was wrong.”

Katz dissected the events of last week by breaking them down as follows:

  1. Rep Banks did not incite the riot
  2. Rokita tests twitter by mentioning he supports Trump
  3. Lin Wood calls Pence a traitor and to execution
  4. One Capitol officer died from injuries, one by suicide
  5. The attack on The Capitol wasn’t an insurrection
  6. Pressed Pentagon on Safeguards to Prevent Trump From Ordering Military Action
  7. Was the attack domestic terrorism?
  8. Mainstream media shouldn’t be your only resource
  9. What happened with the Capitol police?

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