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Rep. Jim Banks was among the few Congressmen that objected the certifications of the Arizona and Pennsylvania electors on Wednesday.

While others gave reasons including a stolen election and voter fraud, Banks says for him it was all about voting rules. He says state legislation should be in charge of voting rules, not judges, governors, and board members which was the case in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

“In both of those states there is a clear violation of the constitutionality of how their elections were conducted. Due to COVID you had judges, governors, secretaries of States, and local election boards that were changing the voting rules before Election Day instead of the state legislature. The law is very clear the state legislature, the body elected by you and I, that should control the rules of the election.”

President-elect Joe Biden has been cleared for certification of his victory in the November election.

Congressman Banks talks about the vote, the violence at The Capitol, and why he thinks Mike Braun changed his vote: