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Every week Casey Marx discusses different retirement, financial planning, income, and wealth-building strategies that you can use immediately. He also answers your questions by calling 855-340-7233.

Casey Marx is the founding principal of Crown Haven Wealth Advisors based in Carmel, IN, and holds the designation of Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), a TOP Advisor 2011 -2021, and named one of America’s Financial Leaders this year by Forbes. He and his financial planning firm assist people in the Hoosier state and across the nation in achieving their financial goals.

Casey understands the need for proper financial stability; after his father’s untimely passing when he was only 15 years old. Shortly after, he witnessed firsthand the effects a market downturn can have on a family. More than half of his mother’s life savings were lost because of careless financial planning by a large commercial firm.

Because of that experience, Casey dedicated his professional career to preserving, protecting, and safe growth of their financial assets. His goal is to preserve bright futures for clients and their families. He has helped his clients safeguard millions of dollars in retirement assets, with not one penny ever lost due to market downturns. Casey and Crown Haven Wealth Advisors utilize careful well thought out retirement planning techniques tailored to each individual’s financial


Through this radio show, Casey believes he can educate others on basic investing principles and thinking. Share ways to protect retirement and other financial investments without losing everything due to events completely out-of-control. How to make sure your assets are not eaten away by hidden fees and sales commissions. How to save and invest so you can sleep well at night, knowing that your money is safe and growing for a future you can genuinely count on.

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