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STATE HOUSE–When Gov. Eric Holcomb gave his victory speech after winning Tuesday’s election, he mentioned he had accepted a call from Democratic candidate Dr. Woody Myers, who conceded the election. Neither man mentioned speaking to Libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater.

“The Indiana election division is run by one Republican and one Democrat. So, there is not representation within the election structure,” said Rainwater, when asked why it’s so tough for Libertarians to be election. “Because we do not accept large donations from large corporate entities, we don’t get the type of funding [as Democrats and Republicans}.”

LISTEN: Rainwater interview on election night

Rainwater did better than most Libertarians have in Indiana. While he didn’t win, his message meant a lot to like-minded people, who believe individuals, not government, should make decisions for themselves, with government in a servant role.

“They are really kind of tired of the status quo, tired of the establishment, and they’re looking for something to break away from that,” said Rainwater.

Hoosiers, in electing Holcomb for another four-year term, effectively selected the status quo and the establishment.

But, Libertarians may have a small victory. Republican Speaker of the House Todd Huston promises tht the general assembly will look at whether Gov. Holcomb should have more limited power to issue executive orders and public health emergencies without the consent of lawmakers who represent Hoosiers.

“We’ll look at it and then we’ll make what we think are the necessary changes with our counterparts in the Senate and then we’ll work with the governor and his team to find the right spot in all that,” said Huston.

He said he believes Holcomb has made the right decisions and they were not without input from the general assembly.

“I felt like the governor included the House and Senate leaders and the fiscal leaders in decisions regarding the stimulus and executive orders,” he said.

Rainwater said he’s encouraged by knowing that there are people in Indiana who have heard his message and want to hold government accountable and seeing government be limited in its scope and its effect on peoples’ lives.