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INDIANAPOLIS — People are motivated to vote for many different reasons.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, Dr. Laura Wilson, a political science professor at the University of Indianapolis, told Hammer and Nigel on 93 WIBC Tuesday that both political parties are really hammering a message of trying to get moderate voters to vote for one to keep the other out of office.

“The beauty of an election is no matter how you are motivated, your vote still counts the same,” Wilson said. “You can kind of look back to 2016 and there were a lot of Republicans that weren’t too thrilled that Donald Trump was their candidate.”

Wilson said the Republican Party saw that and rolled with a campaign of persuading people to vote for Trump in order to keep Hillary Clinton from becoming president. She said you are now seeing a similar tactic being used by Democrats in order to try sway moderate Democrats and Republicans to vote for Joe Biden.

“Using that ‘voting against’ message can be a really helpful motivator for people who feel ‘eh’ about both candidates,” Wilson added. “You saw Bernie Sanders talking (on the first night of the DNC), trying to get that support saying ‘hey, we don’t agree on everything, but this is my guy, this is my candidate’.”

Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for president on the second night of the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night. President Trump is expected to do the same when the Republican National Convention kicks off soon.