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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Early voting begins Tuesday across the state, just one week away from primary election day. Voters can expect to see changes at polling locations due to the nation-wide pandemic.

There are more than 4.5 million registered Indiana voters at this time and early voters have until June 1 to cast a vote.

Social distancing restrictions will be in place. Voting stations will be at least three feet apart and it may take longer to get inside the location to cast your vote.

The Indiana Election Commission says there are special considerations for in-person voting.

Poll workers must have access to hand-washing stations and should avoid touching their face.

Every surface will be disinfected after each voter and when possible poll workers should use gloves.

It’s important to note that poll workers and voters are encouraged to wear a face mask.

Now, there is another option for voters. Some voters are eligible to cast their votes through the use of the traveling board. This is when there are two poll workers from each party and they bring a ballot to your house and assist you in filling it out.

Eligible voters include those experiencing illness or injury, caring for a person who will be confined at home on election day, or a voter with a disability whose polling place is not accessible.

If this applies to you, the one-page application has to be completed by noon on Monday, June 1, and returned to your county clerk’s office.

Here’s a link to the traveling board application.