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LOGANSPORT, Ind.–The grim reaper, at least two of them, were sent to “haunt” the Tyson plant in Logansport by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Their message to Tyson: Go vegan. Leave the animals alone and you’ll protect them and the workers at the plant who could get coronavirus.

“The Tyson slaughterhouse in Logansport poses a threat not only to the animals they kill, but also to their own workers by reopening, despite having 900 workers test positive for COVID-19,” said spokesperson Jonathan Horn.

Horn said working in the tight space of a meat plant means the disease could be easily spread again, despite the promise of a deep cleaning.

LISTEN: PETA Spokesperson Jonathan Horn talks vegan food, the grim reaper(s) and cutting down on cow gas

“PETA is encouraging them to stop slaughtering animals entirely and to focus instead on making those vegan meats which they’re already producing,” he said. “By switching to vegan meat products Tyson would not only improve the working conditions, but they would be saving animals lives, they’d be protecting our environment and helping to prevent the next pandemic.”

Horn cited the CDC in saying over 75 percent of disease originate from animals.

When asked if having grim reapers out to get a message across during a pandemic where over 1,000 Hoosiers have died, Horn said he believes it’s actually the perfect time to get their message out.

He also said that eliminating meat as a food source helps the environment. He said people should eat grains and plants directly, rather than eating the animals that eat the plants and grains.

“You’ve probably heard about cow farts before, on the release of methan gas, which is terrible for the environment. All the animals have excrement, which gets sent into our water and is a horrible pollution,” he said.