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INDIANAPOLIS--In terms of dealing with the coronavirus, he would be doing things differently than Governor Eric Holcomb. That was the position taken by one of the organizers of Saturday’s protest at the Governor’s mansion.

Shortly after the protest ended Saturday, protester Andy Lyons called into the Gun Guy Show on 93 WIBC, which is hosted by Gun Rights Attorney Guy Relford.

“Well, I think (the protest) it accomplished some awareness of actually what’s going on. We believe that a lot of these orders that Holcomb and other governors have put it in place really are unconstitutional,” Lyons said.

Lyons claims Holcomb has picked “winners and losers”, something he says is unacceptable.

“He’s doing that by saying ‘You’re essential. You’re non-essential.’ There are also violations of religious liberty, the violations of free association, and then the destruction of family-owned businesses that won’t weather this storm. By doing so, they create a dependency class that has to be beholden to the government to send them money just to survive when the government is the one that destroyed their businesses, to begin with,” Lyons said.

Relford asked Lyons what he would do if he was the Governor.

“I would lift all restrictions, but I would issue guidelines that show what we believe is the best thing for you to do. Then that would be up to the business owner and the consumer to decide how to conduct business and who they want to do business with. I truly believe that the individual is much more capable of making decisions that are best for them and their family than a government that is so detached from reality,” Lyons said.

Lyons said he would have never issued a stay-at-home order but would have just gone with guidelines. Governor Holcomb decided Friday to extend his stay-at-home order until May 1.

Over 200 protesters showed up to the Governor’s mansion. Holcomb was not there.