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STATEWIDE — Gov. Eric Holcomb is doing a good job in his response to the coronavirus pandemic. At least, that’s what 63-percent of likely voters say in a poll of about 1,000 Hoosiers.

According to the Indy Politics/Change Research Poll, 49-percent of Hoosier voters also believe President Trump is doing a favorable job in dealing with the pandemic. Vice President Mike Pence said over the weekend the country is making progress.

“We continue to see encouraging results, declining cases, declining hospitalizations,” Pence told Fox News Sunday. “We are slowing the spread. We are hastening the day we can put the coronavirus in the past and reopen the American economy.”

Reopening of the economy is what dozens of Hoosiers who protested outside the Governor’s Mansion in Indianapolis over the weekend wanted. Governor Holcomb said Friday his stay at home order will stand until May 1st but has not committed to reopening the state by then.

What the federal government is considering is reopening the nation’s healthcare system soon to allow hospitals and other medical providers to performing elective procedures. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma said providers must meet certain guidelines first.

“They need to make sure they can still address surges. They need to make sure they have adequate supplies and plan for conserving supplies,” Verma said. “They need to be able to screen patients and healthcare workers for COVID-virus.”

Gov. Holcomb was not at the Governor’s Mansion Saturday when protestors demanding the state be reopened completely crowded the intersection of 46th and Meridian Street.

The polling data also looked at overall favorability and un-favorability of state and federal leaders and their opponents in the upcoming general election.

Change Research Data Analyst Alex Chen said approval of Gov. Holcomb’s response to the pandemic in Indiana (63-percent) is outperforming his overall approval rating of 47-percent.

45-percent of those surveyed said they support Holcomb to just 25-percent supporting his Democratic opponent Dr. Woody Myers.