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INDIANAPOLIS--Protect your vegetation and prepare for colder temperatures. That’s the message from the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

A frost warning goes into effect from 2 am to 9 am Saturday.

“The winds are going to be much weaker. Winds are only going to be 3-7 mph, which allows for that dew to freeze into that frost you see in the morning, which causes issues with the vegetation. If things have been planted up to this point, they are generally very sensitive to the cold weather, especially those first few weeks,” says National Weather Service in Indianapolis Meteorologist Andrew White.

White says it is not just this weekend that cold temperatures will stick around.

“If people have gone and put out some of their spring gardens or some of their spring flowers, in addition to the planting that any farmers would have done, those will be susceptible to the cold tomorrow and then into next week. If you can get some of it inside, that would be great, especially because we’re considering this cold weather really to continue through the middle of the month,” White says.

If you can’t bring it in, then White recommends you cover it up or doing anything you can to limit the exposure the vegetation gets during the overnight hours.

After 9 am Saturday, temperatures will warm up to a high near 60 in some places across Indiana. Then on Sunday, there is a chance for thunderstorms.

“Here locally in Indiana, there are some chances for some thunderstorms during the day Sunday. At this point, it is still a little too early to think we’re going to see anything other than thunderstorms,” says White.

But he urges you to keep an eye on the forecast because that can always change.