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FT. WAYNE, Ind.–If you’re wondering where your $1,200 check is, Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), says you won’t see that until it’s passed by Congress. Banks answered questions Friday morning in a Facebook town hall meeting with doctors and Mayor of New Haven, Steve McMichael.

“My caution to you is that this language is going to evolve and change. The Senate is working on the details,” said Banks, when asked a question about the package that could put $1,200 into the hands of Americans.

“It’s based on your 2018 tax returns. Married couples would get $2,400 if they made less than $150,000 by filing jointly.”

Banks urged people to call their senators, either Mike Braun of Todd Young, to talk about the bill. It must be passed by the Senate before it goes back to the Democrat-controlled House.

“My hope is that they will send something to the House that won’t need to be amended, that the House can pass quickly and get it to the president. We’ll be awaiting the details on this piece of legislation as it moves through the Senate.”

Banks voted against the first version of a bill meant to help small businesses, explaining that he believed after hearing from Hoosier business owners, that the bill as it was written originally would have done more harm than good. He voted in favor of the second version, once it was “cleaned up”. Banks also voted in favor of the original $8.5 billion bill that provides money to fight the virus and for vaccine research.

He did not make a commitment to vote for the economic package.