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Tony Katz was scrolling through social media over the weekend and the abundance of posts about the supposed “empty shelves” at super markets across Indiana. Tony wanted to see all the fear was warranted. Instead of taking the internet’s word for it, he went on a journey to grocery stores in multiple different cities in Indiana to see for himself. What Tony saw wasn’t the panic that was described to him. While there were products that were running low or sold out, Tony observed stores frequently restocking and some valuable lessons that can be learned from this moment.

“There were certainly things that were low, but in every case I saw things being restocked. Workers coming by with pallets and pallets of food and supplies and constantly restocking. It looks like people were preparing for a hurricane. It was not Armageddon. It was not the end of the world at all… It’s not the end of civilization because the hand sanitizer you don’t like isn’t on the shelf. There is still an abundance of food.”