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INDIANAPOLIS–If you’re a convicted felon and you’re caught with a gun in Indianapolis, or anywhere else, you may face federal charges that make it a lot tougher to get out of jail. The city announced an expanded partnership with federal authorities Wednesday, to help curb the recent surge in murders and gun violence.

“The advantage of charging these individuals federally are the rules of federal criminal procedure,” said U.S. Atty. Josh Minkler, at a Wednesday news conference. “They are…much different than the laws in the State of Indiana.”

Minkler said it’s much easier for federal authorities to have someone held without bond, if they are a proven danger to the community, or if they’ve been convicted of a felony and were found with a gun.

That may answer some of the criticism of local law that allows people in some circumstances, to get an automatic bond.

He said the feds don’t bargain crimes down.

“If you are charged with a gun crime it is not reduced to a non-gun crime,” said Minkler. “If you’re charged with a gun crime you either go to trial on that gun crime or you plead guilty to that gun crime.”

Minkler said the recommendation for people convicted of federal gun crimes is that they go to prison, not community service or a half-way house.