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(INDIANAPOLIS) – Indy’s downtown bars are partnering with Lyft on discounted rides, to make people think twice about drinking and driving.

The ride-sharing service will offer $10 discounts this summer on rides home from Mass Ave, Fountain Square or the Wholesale District on the south end of downtown. You’ll need to get a weekly discount code at

500 discounts will be available each week on Friday and Saturday nights until the official last day of summer, September 21. Signs downtown will explain the program and how to access it.

Lyft Indianapolis market manager Cebronica Luft says the discount should be a substantial additional incentive to be responsible instead of getting behind the wheel. Depending on where you’re going and on demand, it could cover your entire fare.

Indy Metro Police Downtown District Commander Phil Burton says any additional alternative to drinking and driving should help reduce drunk driving accidents. He says police will review the results with Lyft after the program concludes to discuss whether it’s feasible and productive to resume it.

(Photo: vladans/Thinkstock)