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STATE WIDE–You have the right to own a gun. And you have the privilege of celebrating Independence Day. What you don’t have is the right to celebrate Independence Day with your gun. 

State Police Sgt. John Perrine said you can get in trouble if you fire your gun up into the air to celebrate July 4th, or any occasion.

“Anybody who wants to shoot a gun up into the air for any type of celebration is a reckless gun owner. It’s not safe to do that,” said Perrine. “If you own a gun, it’s not for celebratory purposes. It’s for personal protection. It’s for sporting. It’s for hunting. It’s not to be shot up into the air for celebration.”

Perrine said people can be hurt and some people have had property damaged, thanks to other people shooting into the air.

“Although we know the bullet doesn’t necessarily come down at the same speed it goes out, it does come down with enough velocity to seriously injure or kill somebody, to do some serious property damage.”

PHOTO: Thinkstock/Kanzefar