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America’s favorite game sensation is “Is This Anything?” Hammer and Nigel present a few odd stories from across the country. We then decide if these stories are anything and need to be discussed, or if they are nothing and we can move on.


A baby girl was born in a Chick-Fil-A bathroom in San Antonio last week, so the owners of the franchise are promising her free food for life, and a guaranteed job when she turns 14. 

The newest Uber scam to watch out for is “Vomit Fraud”… where the driver claims you threw up, even if you didn’t.  They might even include fake photos.  If you throw up in an Uber, you’ll get hit with an extra charge of up to $150

On Showtime’s “Who Is America?” last night, Georgia state Rep. Jason Spencer (R) exposed himself and yelled racial slurs during a fake military-training session conducted by host Sacha Baron Cohen, who was dressed as an Israeli commando… in one scene Cohen convinced Spencer to pull down his pants and expose his butt as a way to fight off terrorists