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(INDIANAPOLIS) – Both Indiana’s senators are supporting renewed sanctions against Iran which took effect Tuesday morning.

Republican Todd Young says just the prospect of sanctions has already been helping, with demonstrators taking to the streets to protest economic hardships. He says he’s hopeful the sanctions could lead to real change, though he cautions it’s too soon to predict that will happen. For now, he says Iran has continued to support terrorism and develop missile technology, and the sanctions make clear those actions carry a price.

Democrat Joe Donnelly says he supports sanctions as a means of holding Iran accountable for its nuclear program, and has voted for them in the past. But he says sanctions are the second-best option. He argues President Trump should have stuck with the nuclear agreement negotiated by the Obama administration, instead of pulling out of it. He says even the Pentagon had affirmed inspections were guarding against Iranian cheating, and says the deal had moved nearly all bomb-making material out of the country. 

Former Jasper State Representative Mike Braun, the Republican nominee against Donnelly in the fall election, backs the sanctions as a “courageous decision.” He’s blasting Donnelly for standing by what he calls a “failed and dangerous” deal with Iran.

Indiana Sens. Todd Young (R, left) and Joe Donnelly (D) (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)