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(Mark Makella/Getty Images)

Public school officials in Alabama are looking to put God back into their schools through displays of the U.S. motto “In God We Trust” — but critics are pushing back, calling the move “a constant push for theocracy.”

State lawmakers in February approved legislation allowing such displays on public property. The motto soon could become more common in Alabama schools; however, legal challenges expected to follow.

WIBC host Tony Katz told listeners the move was more “virtue signaling” than anything else:

“I don’t think we do ourselves any favors when we can’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ and are forced to say ‘Happy Holidays.’ There is nothing offensive about ‘Merry Christmas.’ So there is an example where it goes too far the other way.

But I’m assuming this is all going to get pushed back because people who are offended by everything aren’t going to stand for it.

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