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The Mayor of Massachusetts has called for a boycott of Samuel Adams beer — after the beer company’s co-founder Jim Koch praised President Trump for his wildly popular tax cuts.

At a gathering of business executives last week in New Jersey, according to the Boston Globe, Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch praised President Trump’s tax-cut plan as allowing his firm to compete with foreign breweries fairly.

“Now we have a level playing field, and we’re going to kick their ass,” Mr. Koch told the president.

This comment was apparently so offensive to the hyper-emotional Mayor Koch that he proclaimed on Twitter: “I will never drink Sam Adams Beer again!”

No word on whether the Mayor has ever had a Sam Adams beer to begin with, but it’s out of the question now, apparently.

WIBC host Tony Katz responded by making Sam Adams the official beer of Wednesday’s show.

“Koch didn’t say he was best friends with Donald Trump; he didn’t say he was going to name his kids ‘Donald’; he didn’t say he agreed with Trump’s immigration policies; he said he likes the tax cuts. Tax cuts are good for business.

Why is this offensive? We have created such an environment of hostility that we have to boycott when a business owner says the tax cuts have been good for his company and have allowed them to be more competitive.”

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