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(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The Federalist reported Sunday that a motion filed in federal court last Thursday by CNN and several other media outlets, requesting that the court release the names and home addresses of all jurors in the Paul Manafort fraud case.

The motion — filed on behalf of CNN, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, POLITICO, New York Times, NBC Universal, and the Associated Press — asks the court to provide to the media organizations the full names and home addresses of the men and women who were summoned and selected by the federal government to serve as jurors in Manafort’s fraud case.

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Emily Zanotti of the Daily Wire about the request during his Monday afternoon broadcast:


“It’s not uncommon for news organizations to want to speak to jurors, but in this case, it seems to have come out of nowhere. This is a strange request – not just because it goes after the jurors, but because it seeks to find out where the jurors are located, where they can find their families, and it’s a really strange over-the-top media request.

…This kind of request generally happens after a verdict has been rendered. In this case, it seems like the media wants to camp outside jurors’ residences. It’s a very strange request, but it ultimately could just be about media outlets making an attempt to get the jump on each other and stay ahead of the curve.”

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