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INDIANAPOLIS--Students at Roncalli High School are allowed to show their support for a guidance counselor, but they cannot promote “Pride” events.  

That’s the message from Roncalli High School Principal Chuck Weisenbach. 

Weisenbach says the only thing that’s been banned are rainbow signs promoting “Pride Day.”

Students will still be allowed to wear any clothing they choose to the home football game tonight, but they will not be allowed to have signs, posters, flags or banners that promote “Pride” events.  

Weisenbach says no one will be punished if they wore “Pride” gear and he says he never said that wearing rainbow attire to the game goes against faith and religion. 

That guidance counselor on paid administrative leave is Shelly Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is married to a woman.

Fitzgerald says someone found her marriage certificate and turned it into the school. 

Archbishop Charles Thompson says Fitzgerald’s employment is not about her sexual orientation but “about the Church’s teaching that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman as established and revealed by God.”  

The Roncalli football team hosts Chatard tonight at 7. 


Here is the full statement Weisenbach released Thursday: 

Since the start of Ms. Fitzgerald being placed on paid administrative leave, we have given students, teachers and staff leeway to show their support for her. Students continue to be allowed to wear rainbow attire and accessories in our school and to sporting events.

We believe there is a delicate balance between showing support for a staff member and advocating for a specific cause or political position. As such, signs hung throughout the school advertising and advocating for a “Pride Day” were removed earlier this week. We do not allow for this type of advocacy in our school, regardless of the cause or political position.

With regard to tomorrow night’s home football game, students are allowed to wear the clothing of their choice. However, similar to the position taken by the first two schools we played this year, there will be no signs, posters, flags, banners allowed at the game or on campus. Cheerleaders will be allowed the use of spirit signs.